BCI at ASH 2011, San Diego, USA

on 10 December 2011.



American Society of Hematology

Annual Meeting and Exposition

December 10-13 2011,
San Diego, USA

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meeting is the premier haematology meeting in the world, showcasing the latest research and treatments for blood disorders.

This year the Centre for Haemato-Oncology, led by Professor John Gribben, will be represented by an outstanding total of 6 oral presentations and 10 poster presentations, a superb achievement highlighting the quality and breadth of output from our department over the past 12 months.

Dr Alan Ramsay will be revealing how a group of 4 key molecules are responsible for the induction of impaired actin polarisation at the immune synapses formed between CLL and T-cells.  Also concerning CLL, Li Jia will explain how activation of mitochondrial STAT3 increases mitochondrial respiration and inhibits oxidative stress in the malignant B-cells, and John Riches describes the impact of the immunomodulatory drug Lenalidomide on the gene expression profiles of malignant and immune cells in this disease.

Shahryar Kiaii and Rita Coutinho will be each presenting their insights regarding the prognostic and biological significance of immune infiltrating cells in lymphoma, and Inas El Najjar presents her analysis of the long term follow-up data for expectantly managed newly diagnosed patients with Follicular Lymphoma at Barts.

The 10 poster presentations of laboratory and clinical research from the Centre for Haemato-Oncology are authored by Paul Greaves, Sunil Iyengar, Simon Hallam, , John Riches, Inas El Najjar, and Silvia Montoto, along with QMUL researchers  Tim Farren, Fengting Liu and Smita Sinha.

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