Public Engagement


We aim to engage with the public and local community and have many opportunities throughout the year for our supporters and donors, students and health care professionals to meet our scientists and clinicians to find out more about BCI's research.

We aim to:

  • Raise awareness of how lifestyle choices affect health and, through children, reach adults in economically and educationally challenged communities.
  • Increase the number of students studying science and taking up careers in science and health-care, especially relating to cancer research.
  • Showcase our cancer research to existing and potential supporters both in the City and East London community

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Lab Tours, Supporter Events & Courses


We organise lab tours for organisations and charities who support us and want to know more about our work and how their contributions have helped. We also run specially designed courses on cancer biology and research. For example:

Charity Challenges

We have recently begun participating in charity challenges involving BCI and QMUL staff, students and alumni as well as any volunteers who wish to join us.



Centre of the Cell

The Centre of the Cell is an educational outreach project and science centre, dedicated to inspiring and teaching children, young people and families, set up by our Centre for Cancer & Inflammation Lead, Professor Frances Balkwill.




Check the BCI Calendar for upcoming seminars

Meetings and Conferences


Our researchers present at cancer conferences and meetings around the world. Coverage of our scientists' presentations and events off-site can be found in the BCI on the Road News category.


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