Dr Manit Arya

MBChB, MD(Res), FRCS(Glas), FRCS(Urol)
Centre: Experimental Cancer Medicine
Job Title: Clinical Senior Lecturer
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Research Interests

Dr Manit Arya's main research themes are in Genitourinary Cancer and Metastasis and Invasion

The main focus of my research is to identify molecular markers predictive of progression in penile cancer. I will study the expression of several markers in cancer specimens and will elucidate whether markers in serum/ plasma/ whole blood can predict dissemination of penile cancer. Also, my aim is to investigate whether genetic aberrations identified by sequencing can predict aggressive neoplastic disease. The identification of such markers would be unique research, which would significantly impact on clinical practice and improve patient outcomes.


I qualified from Manchester Medical School in 1992.  Upon completing a surgical rotation I obtained my basic postgraduate qualification in general surgery, FRCS (Glasgow), in 1998. Subsequently, I entered into a period of research towards a MD(Res) degree at University College London investigating the role of chemokines and their receptors in the metastasis of prostate cancer (2000 - 2002). Following this, I entered a Higher Surgical Training Scheme in London obtaining the FRCS(Urol) in 2006 and completed my training as a Urological Surgeon, with a specialist interest in minimally invasive interventional uro-oncology, in 2008.


2011 Senior Lecturer in genitourinary uro-oncology funded by Orchid (male cancer charity)

Key Publications

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External Activities

  • Editorial board: Current Drug Therapy
  • Reviewer: BJU Int