We have two research programmes suitable for medically qualified students.

  • MD(Res)
  • PhD - Clinical Research Fellowships

MD(Res) - Doctor of Medicine (research)

The MD(Res) degree is aimed specifically at clinically qualified students.
The course of study will provide you with the opportunity to develop:

  • the ability to recognise and validate problems
  • original, independent and critical thinking and the ability to develop theoretical concepts
  • a knowledge of recent advances within the field in related areas
  • an understanding of research methodologies and techniques and their appropriate application with the research field
  • the ability to critically analyse and evaluate the research findings and those of others
    an ability to summarise, document, report and reflect on progress
  • It is expected that you will make a substantial contribution to knowledge in their clinical area, normally leading to published work.

This course is available full time and part time. The minimum period of registration for full time students is 2 years.

Clinical Fellowships

We have 2 fully funded Cancer Research-UK Clinical Research Fellowships available each year as part of the multi-million pound clinical training programme to encourage clinicians into an academic research career.

The fellowships are for 3 years and the successful candidates will be offered a salary commensurate with the NHS clinical scale and will be expected to complete a PhD within this period.

These fellowships are advertised in our vacancy section around the summer period each year.

We also welcome medically qualified students who have secured alternative funding and have the appropriate laboratory experience to apply for a PhD directly with us.

Support for Clinical Researchers

For clinical researchers, a clinical mentoring policy has been developed which provides clinical research fellows and young clinical academics with a respected, clinical mentor.

Where appropriate you will be given an honorary contract with our partner trust where you can maintain your clinical training.

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