Juliana Candido

Juliana Candido

BSc, PhD
Cancer and Inflammation
Postdoctoral Researcher

Before coming to the Barts Cancer Institute, I completed my BSc in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Westminster.

The major research focus of our group is to understand the biology and function of macrophages and their phenotype in health and disease. Innate immune cells and their mediators found in many cancers are believed to promote cancer growth. Understanding the origin and function of innate immune cells is very important and is an attractive target for therapy.

Pancreatic cancer is characterised by a significant myeloid infiltrate. The primary objective of my PhD here at BCI was to investigate the mediators that regulate monocyte recruitment in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer.

Life at the Institute

The Institute is located in the historical setting of Charterhouse Square, a fantastic place to work, right in the heart of London. We have a vibrant, international community that attracts students and staff from all over the world. The PhD programme provided me with not only a strong scientific training, but also transferable skills and personal development.

Seminars on a diverse range of research topics enable me to learn about other researchers working in other areas, encouraging me to engage with other scientists.


The support I’ve received from my supervisor, fellow students and other academics has been excellent. The sense of fulfillment I feel in the Institute is incredibly gratifying. After my first year I felt like I have gained a lot, from understanding my subject, to managing my own project and time.

Two years after completing my PhD, I'm still here!

Low Points

After the first few months of my project, I was trying to get something working to see whether my ideas were happening in a biological system. After many time-consuming experiments the results were not what we were expecting, which made the whole experience of changing the direction of my project a very challenging process.

I wish I'd known...

Be prepared for experiments not going according to plan sometimes.

Future Plans

I am seriously motivated in my postdoctoral research. I plan to continue in cancer research, working in what I consider to be an incredibly important branch of science.

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