British 10k London Run BCI Charity Challenge 2016

Posted in Charity, Events 13 July 2016

Together they've managed to raise an impressive £1,800, which will help fund vital cancer research. You still have time to sponsor Michelle, Katrin, Ivan, Eleni or Iman; just follow this link to find their Just Giving pages. 

Pic 2

Thank you to Michelle, Katrin, Ivan and Eleni - staff from BCI who participated in the race.

Our runners' times were as follows - well done, everyone!

Eleni Kotsiou 01:05:44 Route Map
Iman Yong 01:18:51
Ivan Quetier 00:57:40
Katrin Hood 00:58:54
Michelle Lockley 00:57:32


Three of our BCI runners - Michelle, Katrin and Ivan - managed to achieve their goal of running the race in under an hour. Their race time represents all the hard work and effort they went to whilst training for the race.

Eleni was inspired to fundraise for BCI having benefited from previous fundraising efforts by BCI supporters. Here’s what she had to say about the Bridge to the Future Scheme, which is fully funded by fndraising events such as this:

The BCI's Bridge to the future award is a generous award for post-docs at the BCI at critical stages of their career. I was fortunate to be funded by the award and I would like to offer my support to fundraisers for future postdocs.

As well as our runners, BCI had a handful of volunteers cheering all the runners along the race route. We’d like to thank all of those who volunteered, wore our BCI t-shirts and gave those runners a much-needed boost as they thundered past!  

Another of our runners, Iman Yong, came all the way from Brunei to complete the race for BCI. So far she has managed to raise an astonishing £812, with sponsors still coming in! Iman managed to complete the race well under her 1 hour 30 minutes' predicted finishing time. She even managed to stop during the race to get some photos!

Pic 1

Here's what she had to say about her experience of the race: 

I enjoyed the run immensely, every single minute of it!

Katrin Hood gave it her all and managed to muster up an inspirational sprint finish. These are her thought on the race:

Vomiting over the barrier as I put my foot over the finishing line was a proper highlight. I definitely put everything I had (onlookers would no doubt say too much) into this run.

BCI’s next sporting event is the Prudential RideLondon, taking place on Sunday 31st July. We have 7 keen cyclists ready to take on the 100 mile journey and raise money for BCI in the process.

As always BCI will have a strong presence there with volunteering cheer teams along the race route. If you would like to volunteer to come along and cheer our riders on please email us at

We are always looking for events to take part in and we do have some charity spots for upcoming Tough Mudder events available.

If you’re interested in taking part in a Tough Mudder event in the future while raising money for BCI, have a look at our event page - Remember to follow our Fundraising Page on Facebook for more updates and photos!


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