BCI welcomes our new MSc students

Zoe Leech Posted in General News 21 September 2017

mscstudentBCI is thrilled to welcome a new cohort of postgraduate students, at the start of what promises to be yet another exciting academic year! Students from a variety of backgrounds came together at our historic Charterhouse Square campus to meet lecturers, experience the laboratories and get to know more about their chosen subjects.

How does cancer arise? How do we go about diagnosing it? What can we do to treat it? These are just some of the questions that our future scientists and clinicians will be able to tackle throughout their time at BCI.

Ali joins us as an international student, where he hopes eventually to study for a PhD, he says:

" I'm excited to be here at BCI to learn more about cancer and the ways in which we can defeat it. It has been great to meet everyone and get a taste for what I will be doing this year!".

Taught by leading experts making up over 250 scientists across 6 research centres, students will benefit from a range of expertise that will enable them to find their own interests in the field of cancer research.

Congratulations to all our new starters! We look forward to catching up with you throughout the year.

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