Professor Fran Balkwill in Evening Standard London Super Smart feature

Zoe Leech Posted in In the Press 17 October 2014

On October 16th, our Professor Fran Balkwill was featured in the Evening Standard:

The super smart set: 10 of London's clever clogs and big brains

"One discovered Ebola, another’s mind was bought by Google for a cool £400 million — London boffins clearly do it better. Rosamund Urwin questions the clever clogs and the big brains"


Text from the article (links added):

Fran Balkwill

Cancer Expert And Educator

Professor Balkwill is a woman with two callings: the first in the lab, the second in the classroom. As a professor of cancer biology at the Barts Cancer Institute, she finds new therapies for patients and is looking into the links between cancer and inflammation. She is director of the Centre of the Cell, a science education centre. A children's author, she has 13 books to her name with titles such as Have a Nice DNA and the Egg and Sperm Race.

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