What your money can do at the BCI


„could buy a DNA sequencing test so a scientist can find out whether a tumour sample has a known gene mutation. 


„could purchase 100 surgical blades for a cancer specialist to remove tumour samples that can be frozen for future studies.


„could pay for a research nurse to attend a course on how to communicate with patients and their relatives about our cancer research


„could buy around 200 sterile dishes with a coating that allows cells to grow in them, helping researchers understand the movement between cells to design better treatments for cancer.


„could buy a pharmacological inhibitor, allowing scientists to study the roles of certain proteins and what happens when we block them in cancer.  


„could buy an antibody used to test for the presence or absence of a specific protein in a sample, telling us more about how the cancer is behaving. 


„will provide 3 months’ support for a human tissue bank cryogenic storage facility – tanks of liquid nitrogen where researchers can catalogue and keep the samples they need for research.


„could buy a mini centrifuge, a piece of equipment that is used to spin samples at high speeds to separate out different components like cells or DNA. 


„could buy about 2000 histology cassettes, which are small plastic cases used for processing tissue biopsies taken from patients. The samples can then be further analysed and imaged under a microscope for diagnostic purposes or research.


„could pay for sequencing the entire genome of a cancer cell to understand the make-up of a cancer cell and how to kill it completely.

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