Centre for Tumour Biology

Our centre's researchers work on different aspects of the biology of transformed cells or the stromal cells found in neoplastic foci. We bring together individuals with a diverse range of expertise in cell biology, molecular biology and pathology to form a synergistic approach to complex biological problems.

Our unifying interest is in understanding the cellular and molecular events which drive tumour progression to the malignant phenotype. We have a particular interest in understanding the nature of the “cross-talk” between epithelial cancer cells and their stromal partners during cancer evolution.

The centre is based around an open-plan laboratory to maximise the opportunity for collaboration and interaction between the different groups and group members.

We bring together research scientists and clinicians to work on the research problems, with a focus always on the validation of ideas and observations in clinically-derived material, to ensure that bench-work is oriented toward understanding a “real” phenomenon.

Group Leaders in the Centre


Life in the Centre

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Results and Discoveries

Recent publications include:

Significant discoveries

  • The importance of dose - low-doses of anti-cancer drug cilengitide promotes tumour growth. PMID: 19305413


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