Lab Facilities of Barts Cancer Institute

Lab Facilities & Core Services

The Institute has a variety of services which provide central support to our research Centres and are available both to other departments within QMUL and external users.

Facilities in the Institute

Flow Cytometry

flow square




male gu 1

Tissue Banks

TissueBankCore Greaves Gribben

Bioinformatics Unit

bioinformatics istock

Mass Spectrometry

mass spec istock

Molecular Imaging

Imaging 1


  • Director of Core Services; Academic Lead for Flow Cytometry and Microscopy: Prof John Marshall
  • Manager of Core Services; Microscopy Manager: Dr Linda Hammond
  • Manager of Flow Cytometry: Ms Julfa Begum
  • Manager of Pathology: Mr George Elia

Each service has a steering committee that reviews service quality and development.

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