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Date: Tue. 23 Apr, 2019 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Duration: 1 Hour
Categories: Special Events*

We are pleased to welcome Dr Ines Sequeira from Kings College London to present a Special Seminar at the BCI on Tuesday 23rd April. For more information about Dr Sequeira’s research, please click here.

The seminar is titled: The role of Keratins in modulating carcinogenesis via communication with cells of the immune system’

The seminar will be held in the Lister and Young Seminar Room, 12 - 1pm.

If you would like to arrange to talk with Dr Sequeira, please contact Denise Gardner (  


Inês Sequeira is a part-time post-doctoral scientist at the Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine and St John’s Institute of Dermatology, at King’s College London. She also holds the role of Head of the Dermis Physiology Research Group at L’Oréal Advanced Research centre.

After her PhD at Institut Pasteur studying epithelial stem cells heterogeneity by combining clonal analysis, 3D imaging and quantitative modelling, she joined the laboratory of Prof. Fiona Watt to pursue her research on oral cancer. She developed her line of research using a mouse model for oral cancer, establishing methodologies that were entirely new to the lab. She uncovered a novel immunoregulatory role for Keratin 76 modulating tumour development. Another aspect of her research on oral cancer focuses in understanding the tongue tumours’ cellular and genomic heterogeneity. In collaboration with the Sanger Institute, they dissected the genomic landscape of mouse oral tumours to correlate the tumour biology and cell behaviour, in order to understand the early events of tumour development in the oral epithelia.


Barts Cancer Institute,
Queen Mary University of London,
Charterhouse Square,



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