Inaugural Lectures

Barts Cancer Institute's inaugural lectures showcase and celebrate our new professors.

The lecture is an opportunity for them to share both their personal and professional achievements in research, engagement and teaching before an audience of staff members at the Institute and Queen Mary University of London, as well as friends, family and local guests.

Name & Lecture Title
Prof. Yaohe Wang 16 June 2017

Previous lectures:

Prof. Claude Chelala - "Mon voyage sans frontières"      24 April 2017
Prof. Jude Fitzgibbon - "It's a long way to Tipperary" 18 February 2015
Prof. Dan Berney - "Gleason, Escher, Bach. Strange Loops in Prostate cancer" 9 April 2015
Prof. John F Marshall - "From Bench-to-bedside with Beta 6: a novice's experience in translational medicine" 29 April 2015
Prof. Hemant Kocher - "Precision and equipoise for a surgeon-scientist" 7 May 2015
Prof. Peter Schmid - "Every breast cancer is NOT the same - is personalised treatment a reality?" 18 June 2015


→ Click the links to view previous lectures on our YouTube channel

What is an inaugural lecture?

Inaugural Lectures are given by newly-appointed professors. It is an ideal opportunity for new professors to (re)introduce themselves and give an overview of their contribution to the field, not only to academic peers, but also students, research collaborators, friends and family. They may also highlight significant and recent developments in the discipline to an audience of both members of the Institute and/or University and the wider general public.

Some of the benefits of giving an inaugural lecture include:

  • Colleagues, both within the Institute and others in the School of Medicine and Dentistry and further afield, can hear about research that is going on here at BCI.
  • New professors can celebrate an important personal milestone with family, friends and colleagues, past and present.
  • It is an opportunity for QMUL and BCI to recognise and showcase the academic achievements of its staff.
  • It is a significant component of our seminars and events programme, helping to raise awareness of the latest developments in cancer research, medical oncology and surgery.

All new professors are offered the opportunity to give an inaugural lecture.

The talks are held in the Derek Willoughby Lecture Theatre, starting at 5:30pm and lasting for approximately 1 hour.

We then continue the discussion and celebration at a drinks reception nearby in the Shield Café on campus, giving an opportunity for members of the audience to meet the speaker. 

Contact us if you are interested in attending an upcoming inaugural lecture

For speakers

  • Please be aware that some members of the audience may have visual impairments - slides should be clear with a light background and contrasting dark text
  • The lecture will be advertised, including in appropriate staff meetings, or to students during lectures. Email reminders will be issued.
  • Personal invitations and contacting collaborators: friends, family and professional colleagues outside the University may appreciate a personal invitation to your lecture. If the number of invitations sent out is large, people could be asked to RSVP. Research links with industries or local organisations with an interest in your subject can also be accommodated.
  • The Director's Office will provide administrative support

For further information about Inaugural Lectures, please contact BCI Admin

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