BCI Centre Leads

  • Professor Fran Balkwill Professor Fran Balkwill Centre Lead, Centre for Cancer and Inflammation

    My key area of interest is in cancer and the tumour microenvironment, especially in ovarian cancer.

  • Professor John Gribben Professor John Gribben Centre Lead, Centre for Haemato-Oncology

    The research interest of my group focuses on immunological approaches to the treatment of haematological cancers

  • Professor Christopher Heeschen Professor Christopher Heeschen Centre Lead, Centre for Stem Cells in Cancer & Ageing

    We are developing novel approaches that target cancer stem cells and have potential to finally improve long-term outcomes for patients with pancreatic cancer.

  • Professor Peter Schmid Professor Peter Schmid Centre Lead, Centre for Experimental Cancer Medicine

    My research interests primarily focus on breast cancer, lung cancer and early drug development

  • Dr Tyson Sharp Dr Tyson Sharp Centre Lead, Centre for Molecular Oncology

    I oversee a range of research themes from solid tumour genomics and bioinformatics, molecular diagnostics and biological therapies to, more recently, DNA repair and genome stability.

  • Professor Sir Nicholas Wright Professor Sir Nicholas Wright Centre Lead, Centre for Tumour Biology

    Our recearch interests include clonal evolution in colorectal adenomas and inflammation-associated cancer, the nature of Barrett’s glands, and the design of methods to explore neutral drift in stem cell divisions in normal human tissues

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