Pharmacy Business in Preventive Medicine and Healthcare


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This course has been designed to develop effective consultation skills for pharmacists. The course is centred around the new practice standards for consultation skills that outline the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of all pharmacy professionals. The course will help enhance the role of pharmacists to meet the new market demand and competiviness in the market for prevention, health and wellness.

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Course Overview

This new course will teach you how to successfully transform your practice in pharmacy from the classic prescription delivery approach to the new health and prevention approach. This requires understanding of customer/patient perceptions and their implicit needs by learning effective communication and anamnesis techniques to link patient’s medical history, desires, difficulties and emotions.

This course will teach you how to become an active healthcare professional promoting health and wellness with the aim to reduce hospital admissions as a result of drug-related adverse effects.

You will learn the communication and negotiation skills required to enhance the new role of pharmacists to meet the market demand and competiviness in the market for delivery of primary care for patients, including prevention and promoting heath and wellness.

Who is this course for?

  • Pharmacists
  • Managers
  • Pharmacy owners
  • Those in the pharmaceuticals industry

All course participants should be educated to degree level.

Course Format

Pre-course reading material will be provided and you will be asked to write about your own work with patients to prepare for the course and get the most out of the intensive 2 days.

The course will include:

  • Short introductory presentations for each topic
  • Role-play and simulation groups to focus on basic skills and techniques
  • Hands-on practice with review sessions to consolidate skills
  • Continuous formative feedback and close work with faculty

Course Content

The course covers three main areas:

Effective consultation skills and negotiation with the patient

  • Understand and practice the principal techniques of communication and negotiation with the patient, including understanding of patient psychology.
  • Pharmacy retail management skills
  • Understand now to apply the principles of ethical marketing in pharmacy
  • Understand the concept and theories surrounding the issues of healthcare retail business management and preventive medicine.

Understanding drug interactions and side effects with a view to preventing any drug related complications

  • Case studies from surgery experience and cancer treatment.
  • Fundamental risk associated with use of commmonly prescriped pain killer medicines

Marketing tools for selling health and prevention services in the pharmacy through negotiation methodology

  • Understand the techniques and methods applicable to the daily running of pharmacy to increase efficiency and profit.
  • Enhancing trust and commitment to regular training.
  • Understand and apply negotiation skills with patients and methodologies of negotiation with simulations and role-play

Key Benefits

The course offers you the opportunity to develop or extend your expertise in the established and rapidly developing areas of business in pharmacy in particular “Preventive Medicine and Healthcare”

  • Move from a product-centred (i.e. supply of medicines) to a patient-centred role;
  • Shift from a business-focused to a health-focused way of thinking;
  • Integrate into healthcare teams;
  • Collaborate with patients (shared decision making on their health) and the government;
  • Be responsive to emerging needs and be proactive, rather than maintaining status quo and being reactive.

You will be taught techniques of communication, negotiation, patient psychology, ethical marketing.

You will also gain a clear understanding of the concept and theories surrounding the issues of healthcare retail business management and preventive medicine. This program is designed to enhance your future career prospects in pharmacy management.

Course Faculty

Dr Pierre-Emmanuel Telleri - Course Director

Ms Emanuela Giorgetti - Market Economics

Ms Vittoria Carroll - Communication Skills

Course Fee

  • Early registration: £640 (3 months prior to course start date)
  • Standard registration: £690

The fee includes lunch and refreshments. Cancellation policy applies - please see Terms and Conditions below.

How to Apply

Please apply via the London Pharmacy Academy.

There are only 15 places available per course and we can only guarantee a place on completion of both registration and payment in full.

Terms and Conditions

Your place will not be secured until full payment has been made and your registration has been confirmed.

Cancellation policy

We regret we are unable to reimburse fees for cancellations within 2 weeks of the course start date.

Cancellation made with less than 5 (but more than 2) weeks’ notice prior to the course commencement, will incur 20% administration fee. The remaining funds will be reimbursed by cheque or bank transfer, upon receipt of written cancellation.

We reserve the right to cancel any of our courses and will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible in the unlikelihood of this happening. All course fees will be returned if the course is cancelled.

We have a limited number of places on each course and we can only confirm a place if payment has been received. Payments will be refunded if payment is received after the course is full.


Contact Details & Location

  • +44(0) 20 7882 3491
    +44(0) 20 7882 3847
  • Barts Cancer Institute
    Teaching Centre,
    Joseph Rotblat Building,
    Charterhouse Square,
    London EC1M 6BQ
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