Prof John Marshall in Breast Cancer Campaign Wear It Pink video

Zoe Leech Posted in Charity, Engagement, Interviews 23 October 2014

Prof John Marshall in Breast Cancer Campaign Wear It Pink video


Breast Cancer Campaign visited us last month to speak to our Professor John Marshall for the October awareness campaign: Wear It Pink.

The Wear it Pink website acts as a free resource for schools to use in their fundraising/awareness activities:

You can view the full video, filmed here at BCI, on YouTube:


 Breast Cancer Campaign say:

Play this video in assembly or in class to raise students’ awareness of Breast Cancer Campaign’s scientific research. A great way to kick off a discussion or inspire your students to fundraise for wear it pink.

Every year, wear it pink raises over £2 million during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to fund our ground-breaking research. Find out how your school can sign up and get involved here

Some images from the day:


Prof Marshall preparing for filming in the teaching laboratory, and checking cancer cells under the microscope


Top: Prof Marshall and Dr Moore discuss the confocal microscope image; Middle: breast cancer cells under the microscope; Bottom: Prof Marshall at the tissue culture hood 

fc-webicon-twitter-mFollow us Twitter: @QMBCI and @BCCampaign, use #wearitpink and sign-up to receive your free fundraising pack here.


Media Coverage

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