Tumour Heterogeneity and the Microenvironment Conference

The Tumour Microenvironment and Heterogeneity Conference was held in Ohio from 2-6 February 2015 and was co-organised by our Dr Trevor Graham. The conference brought together cancer geneticists, microenvironment experts and mathematicians to tackle big...

Dr Pedro Cutillas

Reader in Cell Signalling and Proteomics We use unique proteomics and computational approaches to understand signalling heterogeneity in cancer and advance personalized cancer therapies.

BCI at Digestive Disease Week 2014

BCI researchers Professor Sir Nick Wright, Dr Stuart McDonald, Dr Laura Gay, Dr Ryan Choi and Elisabete Carapuça attended Digestive Disease Week 2014 in Chicago last month. Professor Wright gave the State Of The Art Lecture on the clonal nature of...

NCRI Conference 2013 Review

BCI staff and researchers attended this year's NCRI conference in Liverpool last week. Some of o ur senior researchers shared their work in the proffered paper sessions in the form of short talks about new publications, or in symposia that involved...

Professor Trevor Graham

Professor of Cancer Evolution My lab measures the patterns of clonal evolution that define carcinogenesis and develops novel mathematical tools for analysis and prediction.

Professor Christopher Heeschen

Centre Lead, Centre for Stem Cells in Cancer & Ageing We are developing novel approaches that target cancer stem cells and have potential to finally improve long-term outcomes for patients with pancreatic cancer.

Dr Jun Wang

Lecturer in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology My main research interests are: discovery of driver mutations and pathways in cancer development & progression, and in clonal evolutionary patterns using bioinformatics & computational approaches.

Professor Jude Fitzgibbon

Professor of Personalised Cancer Medicine My group works on haematological malignancy molecular pathology and progression, aiming to improving on current diagnostic, prognostic and treatment strategies.

Introducing BCI Animations - blood cancers and solid tumours

Haemato-Oncology and Tumour Biology BCI has been working with Phospho Biomedical Animations to bring some of our key cancer research topics to life. Watch these short videos to learn about two of our research Centres' major experimental subjects. Let...

UK-wide specialist lymphoma consortium co-run by BCI researchers

Professor Jude Fitzgibbon and Dr Trevor Graham will receive a £330,000 grant as part of a £2.2 million award from Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. This funds a specialist consortium that will span the UK, a collaborative project with Prof Peter Johnson...

Professor Louise Jones

Professor of Breast Pathology My research in breast cancer focuses on the progression of in-situ to invasive disease with the aims of identifying markers which can predict behaviour and novel therapeutic targets.

Cancer Stem Cells and Ageing

Why we focus on Cancer Stem Cells and Ageing Stem Cells & Cancer With the availability of ever more sophisticated model systems and technologies it has now become evident that cancers are driven by heterogeneity (differences within the tumour cell...

BCI@St Barts Hospital Seminars

Barts Cancer Institute at St Bartholomew’s Hospital Summer 2012 Seminar Programme All seminars will take place on Wednesday at 5pm unless otherwise stated. Please see the information box on the right for venue and contact information. DATE SPEAKER...

Mass Spectrometry

Overview Mass Spectrometer The mass spectrometry (MS) laboratory is a Core Service at Barts Cancer Institute and is currently managed by the Centre for Haemato-Oncology . MS has a variety of applications in cell and molecular biology and cancer...

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