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The Cancer Research UK Barts Centre aims to transform the lives of those with and at risk of cancer through innovative research in the laboratory, in patients and in populations.

Barts_Health_LogoWe work closely with Barts Health NHS Trust to focus our resources on basictranslational and population-based research into tumour types. Our combined strengths both clinically and academically maximise the impact of our research.

These tumour types include pancreaticoesophageal and lung cancers, three of Cancer Research UK's top priorities. We aim to develop a comprehensive understanding of the biology of the disease and translate our discoveries into new approaches to prevent and treat cancer more effectively.

Our teaching programmes contribute to training the cancer research workforce of the future, taking the brightest young scientists and doctors through our PhD programme that gives them exposure to cutting edge developments in the laboratory and in clinical trials. We equip them with the skills ultimately to develop their own programmes.

The Cancer Research UK Barts Centre, one of 13 nationally, takes a leading role in the development of Networks that bring CRUK Centres together to get the most out of our work by sharing expertise and advanced technologies, as well as scarce resources such as tissue from patients with less common forms of cancer.

Outreach to our communities to engage people in understanding the rewards, opportunities and challenges in cancer research will help build relationships with the Centre and with Cancer Research UK.


Barts Cancer Institute,
Queen Mary University of London,
Charterhouse Square,



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