Tissue Banks

The BCI systematically collects primary and metastatic tissue samples from an array of cancer types to support current and future research.

The BCI currently hosts three national Tissue Banks and numerous local collections. Please see the tabs below for more information, whether you're looking to use our resources in your research, or want to contribute to the banks during your treatment.


Information for Researchers

Please direct initial enquiries to the Tissue Bank Operations Manager - for external researchers, processing costs will depend on the specifics of the request.

Information for Patients

If you are interested in donating tissue to our banks, you will be able to discuss the process and how tissue samples are used in research with a Tissue Bank representative at Barts Hospital.

After agreeing to tissue donation, a meeting will be arranged to discuss details. During this process the patient information sheet with the consent form will be provided for you to read through and, if the patient is happy with the contents, they will be asked to sign the consent form.

Orchid Male Cancer Tissue Bank

If you have a genitourinary cancer (prostate, testis, penile, kidney or bladder) and wish to donate, you can Telephone 020 7882 3551 or 020 7882 3739 for information.

Barts Gynae Tissue Bank

We welcome all offers of tissue donation from patients. A representative should be available before operations and other procedures; interested patients can also contact Dr Michelle Lockley or Mr Thomas Dowe directly.

What if my cancer has spread, am I still eligible to donate?

People living with metastatic disease can be consented for donation of excess tissue to the Cancer Tissue Bank @ Barts Health, together with blood, saliva and urine.

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Funders and Supporters


Tissue Bank staff

Ms Sameena Iqbal BCI Tissue Banks Operations Manager
Mr Thomas Dowe Deputy BCI Tissue Bank Manager
Ms Sakunthala Kudahetti Deputy BCI Tissue Bank Manager/Orchid Tissue Bank Manager
Prof. Hemant Kocher Tissue Bank Principal Investigator (Cancer @ Barts Health), Co-Lead (PCRF Tissue Bank)
Prof. Claude Chelala Bioinformatics & Data Governance (PCRF Tissue Bank)
Prof. Dan Berney Principal Investigator (Orchid Tissue Bank)
Dr Elzbieta Stankiewicz Postdoctoral Research Assistant (Orchid Tissue Bank)
Dr Glenda Scandura Data Administrator (Orchid Tissue Bank)
Mr Ahmet Imrali Research Technician (PCRF Tissue Bank)
Ms Sara Santos Vidal Research Technician (Orchid Tissue Bank)
Mr Abu Dayem Ullah Database Manager (PCRF Tissue Bank)
Ms Janet Matthews Tissue Bank Data Officer
Ms Amina Saad Tissue Collection Officer (PCRF Tissue Bank)
Mr Jacek Marzec Bioinformatician (PCRF Tissue Bank)
Mr Robert Barringer Tissue Acquisition Officer
Ms Ellen Johncock Tissue Acquisition Officer
Ms Jacqueline Bamforth Tissue Acquisition Officer
Ms Pauline Branch Tissue Bank Pathology Technician
Ms Lara Painter Tissue Bank Pathology Technician
Mr Stephen Rogers Tissue Bank Pathology Technician


National Tissue Banks



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Cancer @ Barts Health

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Gynaecological Cancers




Lung and Mesothelioma





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