Professor Louise Jones

Professor Louise Jones

BSC, MB. ChB, PhD, FRCPath
Centre: Tumour Biology
Professor of Breast Pathology
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My research in breast cancer focuses on the progression of in-situ to invasive disease with the aims of identifying markers which can predict behaviour and novel therapeutic targets.


Research Details

The focus of my research is breast cancer and in particular the factors involved in the progression of in situ to invasive disease with the aims of identifying 1) markers which can predict behaviour, and 2) novel therapeutic targets. Current research involves development of in vitro models of Ductal Carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and their use to investigate the influence of the microenvironment on tumour cell behaviour, focusing on the functional significance of altered myoepithelial and fibroblast phenotype in DCIS.

We have strong links with The Breast Unit at Barts Cancer Centre.

In parallel with our work on the microenvironment, we are investigating the molecular diversity of insitu and invasive breast cancer in different populations (e.g. different ethnic groups, high risk patients) and its therapeutic implications.

Professor Louise Jones is also the Course Director for the MSc Molecular Pathology and Genomics Course.


I joined Barts Cancer Institute in April 2004. I trained in Medicine at Leicester University and specialised in Breast Pathology, undertaking a PhD at the Breast Cancer Research Unit in Leicester analyzing the tumour-suppressor role of breast myoepithelial cells.


  • Establishment of the BCC National Breast Tissue Bank, (joint with Leeds, Dundee and Nottingham). Breast Cancer Campaign. Duration 60 months. Start 2010. £3.5M total (£1.1M to Barts).
  • Modelling the stromal regulation of tumour angiogenesis, progression and spread. Cancer Research UK Programme Grant (co-app with Prof. K Hodivala-Dilke). Duration 60 months. Start Oct 2010 £3.1M
  • The role of myoepithelial-associated avb6 integrin in modulating angiogenesis in DCIS. AICR 2008-2011 £170,00
  • PhD Studentship, Breast Cancer Campaign, Investigating the functional and clinical significance of MMP-8 expression in myoepithelial cells. Duration 36 months. 2009-2011.  £110,000
  • Project Grant (Joint with Dr. S. Kermorgant), Breast Cancer Campaign. Spatio-temporal c-met signalling in breast cancer. Duration 36 months.  2009-2011.
  • TRICC Cancer Research UK: Prospective study of Outcomes in Sporadic versus Hereditary (POSH) breast cancer: Pathology Biomarker Study. Duration 36 months. Starts 2009. £147,279
  • Project Grant (Joint with Dr. J. Marshall), Breast Cancer Campaign, Effects of integrin avb6 expression on Her2 dependent breast cancer cell behaviour. Duration 36 months. Start 2008 £181,828 total

Key Publications

Allen MD, Vaziri R, Green M, Chelala C, Brentnall AR, Dreger S, Vallath S, Nitch-Smith H, Hayward J, Carpenter R, Holliday DL, Walker RA, Hart IR, Jones JL. Clinical and functional significance of α9β1 integrin in breast cancer: A novel cell-surface marker of the basal phenotype that promotes tumor cell invasion. J Pathology. 21341269

Clark SE, Warwick J, Carpenter R, Bowen RL, Duffy SW, Jones JL. Molecular subtyping of DCIS: heterogeneity of breast cancer reflected in preinvasive disease. Br J Cancer 2011; 104: 120-127. 21139586

Holliday DL, Brouilette KT, Markert A, Gordon LA, Jones JL. Novel multicellular organotypic modes of normal and malignant breast: tools for dissecting the role of the microenvironment in breast cancer progression. Breast Cancer Research 2009 11: R3. 19152687

Hancox RA, Allen MD, Holliday DL, Edwards DR, Pennington CJ, Guttery DS, Shaw JA, Walker RA, Pringle JH, Jones JL. Tumour-associated Tenascin-C isoforms promote breast cancer cell invasion and growth by MMP-dependent and independent mechanisms. Breast Cancer Research 2009;11:R24. 19405959

Further Publications

For additional publications, please click here.

My research in breast cancer focuses on the progression of in-situ to invasive disease with the aims of identifying markers which can predict behaviour and novel therapeutic targets.


External Activities

  • Lead for Breast Cancer Campaign National Breast Tissue Bank.
  • Member of International Cancer Genome Consortium Breast Working Group.
  • Lead Pathologist & member of steering committee on the POSH (Prospective study of Outcome in Sporadic versus Hereditary breast cancer) national trial.
  • Lead Pathologist on IBIS-II, UK-DCIS, FHO1 breast clinical trials.
  • Associate Editor Journal of Pathology.
  • Honorary Member Royal College of Radiologists Breast Group.
  • Member of British Breast Group.


Study of breast cancer progression marker is covered widely by the media (BBC News, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, NHS Choices)

Opening of National Tissue Bank at the BCI

Prof Louise Jones featured on popular BBC science series Bang Goes the Theory

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